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Coke Studio Season 15 Opens With “Aayi Aayi”

World Building - Photography by Amna Zuberi (3)

Coke Studio releases the first song from Season 15, AAYI AAYI, featuring Noman Ali, Babar Mangi, Marvi and Saiban.

Tales, centuries old, of resilience and courage are told from father to son and mother to daughter across the sands of Tharparkar. Curated by Xulfi (Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan), Aayi Aayi takes inspiration from such lore; and from the mightiest of hearts, implicitly tied and true to the soil. 

Directed by Awais Gohar, Aayi Aayi opens S15 with a love letter to the unique iridescence of the heritage of Sindh. Art Director, Hashim Ali, paints a dusty yet lavish vista, combining traditional artefacts with ancient motifs from the Indus Valley Civilsation to date. Collaborating artists, Noman Ali, Babar Mangi, and daughters of the soil, Marvi and Saiban, step into the procession one after the other, each broadcasting a separate lustre of sound-sensation; an arrangement as diverse and yet congruent as the people of Pakistan’s most ethnically harmonious, gateway province.

Noman opens with a melodic verse describing the strength of an individual, representing the strength of an entire people – Paarsaye chali gaii | Khuabon ko tumne khuwab dikhae | Bedaar hogaye Thar wale, Qaaflay main woh tanha nahi hai | Sath sab kache ghar wale ( All shadows have fled | You have spun new dreams out of the past | Thar’s people have awoken | United as a caravan, no longer alone | All homes of this soil as one). 

He is met by villagers awash with the colours and textures of Rajasthan, his words meet their beckoning in the spirit of festivity; rangoli, garlands, sweetmeats, and honour await the one who returns.

Babar emerges, hoisted above his companions at first, he plunges into the crowd to join its unsinkable festivity. His rap rouses the blood – Gao jo dil me hai | Jo bhi hona chahtay ho hokar dekhao | Yahan kisi cheez ka hisab nahin | Dunia hai khwabon pe kayam (Sing from your heart | Be who you want to be | Nothing needs to make sense | The world is built on dreams). 

The music breaks for only a moment, a moment decorated by a peacock in full feather. It is Marvi and Saiban’s moment to shine. The two take over in song and spirit; their raw talent haunts a listener to the core.

And so figures who stood tall for love and endurance from past to present come alive; still enchanting newcomers to this land. All are welcome. All are of Sindh.

Aayi Aayi can be viewed here: https://www.youtube.com/@cokestudio 

In the meantime, be sure to listen to your favorite songs from Coke Studio on Spotify https://open.spotify.com and keep yourself logged on to https://www.tiktok.com/@cokestudiopakistan, https://www.youtube.com/@cokestudio  and https://www.instagram.com/coke_studio to follow the Coke Studio journey.





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