Huawei Digital Week Brings MWC 2024 To Pakistan


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Huawei Pakistan hosted a Digital Week in Islamabad, showcasing the cutting edge technologies and solutions unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The event brought together the various strands integral to creating a fully connected world, that is the physical infrastructure for greener, sustainable and scalable technologies, and the digitalisation through Artificial Intelligence, Cloud and 5 & 5.5G. 

Key organisations from telecom, financial, government and commercial sectors, attended the Digital Week, and took the opportunity to have discussions on Cloud adoption, 5G transformation and AI proliferation. The demonstration of digital solutions unveiled the symbiosis of improvements in lifestyles, sustainable business cases and economic growth. 

Huawei’s vision is to bring digital to every person, home and organisation for a fully connected, intelligent world. With a global workforce of more than 207,000 in 170+ countries and regions, Huawei has dedicated 55% of the personnel to research and development. The focus on R&D has resulted in more than 140,000 active patents worldwide. 

Huawei is working closely with carriers and partners around the world and in Pakistan to strengthen digital infrastructure, build out the ecosystem, and unleash the full value of connectivity. The new Huawei 5.5G uses ultra broadband as a foundation, determinacy as a differentiator and autonomy as an enabler. Having showcased the extensive portfolio of 5.5G, F5.5G, and Net5.5G products and solutions for multiple scenarios at MWC Barcelona 2024, the visitors experienced how this diverse offering empowers operators to build ubiquitous, efficient, and collaborative networks that pave the way for the intelligent world of tomorrow.

Yu Shaoning, Vice CEO Government and Public Affairs, Huawei, said, “Huawei has served and collaborated with public and private sector partners over the past 25 years as the leading global carrier, enterprise solution provider and creator of cutting edge consumer products. In Pakistan, our objective is to support the Government in building a robust ICT talent ecosystem and accelerate the digitization progress. We work closely with our partners to create solutions that optimise the outcomes for them.”

Personalised user experience, versatile business models, and scalable industrial applications are key success factors as customer demands continue to evolve. Use cases for Cloud and AI solutions demonstrate how innovative strengths can align with development objectives, and push the boundaries of the digital and intelligent era. 

Huawei Cloud is on the cutting edge of global technologies due to the rapid advancement of AI and foundation models, offering collaborative heterogeneous computing architecture, cloud native compute with superlative performance, mass data storage, security compliance, lean governance, and flexible deployment.

The attention to green solutions and low carbon and carbon neutral alternatives of physical infrastructure drew the attention of many stakeholders as Pakistan is deeply affected by climate change. Green antennas will help build efficient 5.5G networks especially as there are no limits to deployment with optical and electromagnetic transparency, reduce the site acquisition time and increase capability. Moreover, there is improved coverage and energy saving. 

The shift to solar power solutions that are being optimised to limit the effect of shadow due to congestion is a key component of greening the entire network.  

With customer-centricity as the core value proposition, Huawei delivers cutting-edge and innovative, highly reliable, low-latency, and secure cloud services. Huawei Cloud is becoming a solid cloud foundation and robust engine for intelligence, delivering innovative, resilient, and trustworthy cloud services and industry solutions across different sectors in a more innovative, inclusive, and open approach.

Coupled with top-notch networks and infrastructure, high-performance computing and AI solutions tailored to various industries such as e-commerce, automotive, finance, and government are the hallmark of Huawei’s approach. The capacity to create tailored solutions that are scalable and feed into a business case makes the approach unique. 

From manufacturing and electric power to education and beyond, Huawei’s new launches signify the start of a new era of intelligence, efficiency, and environmental consciousness, setting the stage for a brighter and smarter future. At a time when AI will reshape almost everything, AI is a key strategy at Huawei. 

Held at the Huawei Smart Office, with automation and green technologies, the Digital Week gave visitors a sense of the workplaces of the future. As investments are made in solutions that reduce latency and waste, space and services will be optimised.

The displays and presentations set up for the edification of the visitors, provided a clear directional overview of the progression of technologies and the rapid acceleration in development in recent years. Organised thematically, the presentations looked at the Gigabit Experience Network, Green Sites, the Connectivity Network, and the Digital Experience. The age of intelligence is, and will continue to be, characterised by advancements focused on improving user experiences.


Syeda Shehrbano Kazim
Syeda Shehrbano Kazim
Syeda Shehrbano Kazim is the Managing Editor of The Scoop. She has had a diversified career in journalism, public relations, communications and content development, tech-enabled e-commerce, microfinance and poverty alleviation, and programme, project and value chain design. She has considerable experience in structuring capacity building initiatives, conducting training, developing communications strategies and campaigns and managing events.


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