Illegal Foreigners Being Repatriated For Hurting Pakistan’s Security And Economy, Says General Asim Munir


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Army Chief General Syed Asim Munir emphasized that illegal foreigners pose a significant threat to Pakistan’s security and economy, stating that their repatriation is crucial for the country’s well-being.

During a visit to Peshawar, he received briefings on security, counter-terrorism efforts, and socio-economic developments in merged districts. Commending the bravery of officers and soldiers, he expressed the nation’s pride in the armed forces and pledged the Army’s unwavering commitment to safeguarding the homeland.

General Munir also engaged in a session with participants of the First National Workshop in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, underscoring the region’s vital role in Pakistan’s prosperity.

He stressed the thwarting of disruptive forces through a comprehensive strategy and highlighted the repatriation of illegal foreigners as a government decision in the best interest of the nation.

The COAS emphasized the importance of economic growth in the newly-merged districts and was received by the Commander Peshawar Corps upon arrival.

General Asim Munir Addressing Army Officers

General Asim Munir’s First Year in office 

It is pertinent to mention that General Asim Munir completed his one year in office on November 29, 2023. As General Asim Munir completes his first year as the Chief of Army Staff (COAS), it’s opportune to reflect on the strategic shifts, challenges faced, and notable developments during his tenure.

Taking the helm in a critical period, General Munir navigated the complex landscape of regional security and internal challenges. His leadership style, characterized by a strategic vision and a focus on modernization, has left an indelible mark on the Pakistan Army.

One of the defining aspects of General Munir’s tenure has been his emphasis on regional stability. In the face of geopolitical complexities, he played a crucial role in fostering diplomatic ties and addressing security concerns. Collaborative efforts with neighboring countries have been a cornerstone of his approach, showcasing a commitment to promoting peace and stability in the region.

Internally, General Munir prioritized counterterrorism operations and sustained efforts to ensure the security of Pakistan’s borders. His tenure witnessed a continued commitment to eradicating extremism and maintaining law and order. The Pakistan Army, under his command, has remained at the forefront of safeguarding national interests and protecting citizens from various security threats.

Modernization and technological advancement have been key focal points during General Munir’s tenure. Recognizing the evolving nature of warfare, he has championed initiatives to enhance the military’s capabilities through technological integration. Investments in cutting-edge equipment, cyber capabilities, and intelligence infrastructure underscore his commitment to keeping the armed forces at the forefront of modern warfare.

Furthermore, General Munir has been an advocate for professional development within the military ranks. His tenure saw an emphasis on training and capacity building to ensure that the Pakistan Army remains a highly skilled and adaptable force. This commitment to excellence has positioned the armed forces to effectively respond to emerging challenges.

Amidst the achievements, General Munir faced challenges that tested his leadership acumen. Balancing internal security, geopolitical dynamics, and economic considerations required a delicate touch. The ability to navigate these challenges while maintaining the armed forces’ operational readiness reflects the General’s adept strategic approach.

In the realm of international collaborations, General Munir strengthened Pakistan’s defense ties with key allies. The exchange of expertise, joint military exercises, and collaborative efforts in counterterrorism initiatives have reinforced Pakistan’s standing in the global security landscape.

As General Asim Munir completes his first year as COAS, his legacy is intertwined with a commitment to professionalism, strategic foresight, and a dedication to securing Pakistan’s interests. The challenges of the modern world demand leaders who can navigate complexity, and General Munir’s tenure has been marked by a resolute pursuit of national security in an ever-changing global environment.

General Munir’s role in mitigating smuggling 

In addition to his strategic initiatives in the realm of national security, General Asim Munir has played a pivotal role in addressing economic challenges, particularly in mitigating smuggling and stabilizing the exchange rate between the dollar and the rupee.

Under his leadership, the Pakistan Army actively engaged in efforts to curb smuggling across the country’s borders. Smuggling, a persistent economic issue, not only poses a threat to the national economy but also undermines the rule of law. General Munir’s commitment to addressing this issue involved collaborative efforts with law enforcement agencies and border security forces to tighten control over border crossings, disrupting illicit trade routes.

The successful initiatives to mitigate smuggling had a direct impact on the national economy, curbing the influx of illicit goods and fostering fair economic practices. By tackling this issue at its roots, General Munir contributed to creating a more transparent and regulated economic environment.

Moreover, the COAS played a role in influencing economic stability by contributing to the efforts to bring down the dollar rate against the rupee. Exchange rate fluctuations can have significant repercussions on the national economy, affecting inflation, foreign reserves, and overall economic confidence. General Munir’s approach involved collaboration with relevant economic authorities and implementing measures to strengthen the rupee.

The efforts to stabilize the exchange rate showcased a holistic approach to addressing economic challenges, reflecting General Munir’s understanding of the interconnectedness between economic stability and national security. By actively participating in discussions with economic policymakers and facilitating measures to bolster the national currency, he demonstrated a commitment to ensuring a robust and resilient economy.

In the context of economic challenges, General Munir’s dual focus on mitigating smuggling and stabilizing the exchange rate complements his broader vision for national security. Acknowledging that economic stability is an integral component of a nation’s strength, he has shown a comprehensive approach to leadership that extends beyond traditional security concerns.

As General Asim Munir marks his first year as COAS, his multifaceted approach to addressing both security and economic challenges underscores the complexity of leadership in a dynamic environment. The impact of his initiatives resonates not only in the military domain but also in the economic well-being of the nation, reflecting a commitment to holistic national development.

How General Asim Munir’s Tenure was better?
Comparing the tenures of General Asim Munir and General Qamar Javed Bajwa involves examining their respective leadership styles, strategic priorities, and the outcomes achieved under their command. While both generals have made significant contributions, it’s important to note the nuances that distinguish their approaches.

General Bajwa’s tenure, which preceded General Munir’s, was marked by a focus on internal security challenges, counterterrorism operations, and efforts to strengthen the military’s professionalism. During his term, there was a notable emphasis on consolidating gains made in counterinsurgency operations and fostering regional stability. General Bajwa’s tenure also saw advancements in military diplomacy and a commitment to socio-economic development projects, such as the construction of border fencing.

In contrast, General Munir assumed command during a period when regional dynamics and economic challenges took center stage. His leadership has been characterized by a strategic vision that encompasses both national security and economic stability. General Munir actively engaged in addressing economic challenges, particularly smuggling and exchange rate fluctuations, showcasing a broader understanding of the interconnected nature of security and economic well-being.

General Munir’s role in mitigating smuggling, tightening border controls, and contributing to efforts to stabilize the exchange rate demonstrates his adaptability to evolving challenges and a commitment to a comprehensive approach. This dual focus on traditional security concerns and economic stability distinguishes his tenure.

General Munir’s proactive stance in addressing economic challenges sets him apart in a context where the economic dimensions of security are increasingly crucial. His strategic initiatives aimed at strengthening the national economy complement the traditional security measures, showcasing an understanding of the multifaceted nature of contemporary challenges.

General Munir’s tenure, with its emphasis on economic stability and national security, builds an evolution in strategic priorities to align with the changing dynamics of Pakistan’s security landscape.

Hassan Naqvi
Hassan Naqvi
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