Maulana Fazlur Rehman To Become President of Pakistan, Claims Hafiz Hamdullah


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PESHAWAR: JUI-F spokesperson asserts Maulana Fazlur Rehman’s inevitable presidency, regardless of PML-N or PPP majority after the upcoming February general elections.

While President Arif Alvi’s term ended on September 8, he continues under Article 44 due to dissolved provincial and national assemblies. The President is elected in a special session as per Article 41(3) of the constitution.

Hafiz Hamdullah, a JUI-F leader, in an interview, draws parallels between Fazlur Rehman’s leadership in PDM and potential presidency.

He subtly criticizes PPP and PML-N for their Balochistan focus, emphasizing familial political control. Hamdullah dismisses any alliance with PTI, highlighting concerns about PTI’s agenda.

He questions the sole candidacy of Gohar Ali Khan for PTI chairman, referencing the recent intra-party election. Hamdullah clarifies JUI-F’s electoral alliance with GDA in Sindh, excluding PTI from the coalition.


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