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PTI Leaders Accused of Misappropriating $2M in Party Donations for Personal Gain and Anti-Pakistan Activities


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A media report has surfaced alleging that two leaders of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) in the United States have misappropriated party donations totaling $2 million. According to the report published in America Daily Post, PTI USA head and advisor to Imran Khan, Sajjad Burki, purportedly received $1.8 million in donations but only remitted $30,000 to Pakistan.

“Such misuse of party funds is unacceptable and tarnished the reputation of PTI,” remarked a concerned PTI member who chose to remain anonymous.

Under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) Exhibit, Pakistani-American PTI supporters purportedly engaged lobbying firms for 45 days to influence the 2024 general elections in Pakistan and run an anti-Pakistan armed forces campaign. The report further states that over the past two years, Sajjad Burki and Atif Khan allegedly received donations from US businessmen and failed to declare or transfer the funds to Pakistan.

“These allegations are baseless and politically motivated,” retorted Sajjad Burki when contacted for a response.

The document also identifies Umer Khan as a manager associated with Burki’s PTI company. Allegedly, funds collected through various PTI websites in the USA were channeled into personal accounts, with a negligible portion reaching the party’s official account in Pakistan.

“We demand a thorough investigation into these allegations to ensure transparency and accountability within PTI,” stated a concerned PTI member.

Furthermore, both Burki and Khan are accused of orchestrating a campaign against Pakistan’s armed forces through social media, with alleged connections to disgraced figures like Shehbaz Gill and musician Salman Ahmed. The report suggests that Burki’s ties to US politicians with links to India raise suspicions regarding his role in leading PTI USA.

“I categorically deny any involvement in anti-Pakistan activities. These accusations are a smear campaign against me,” stated Atif Khan in response to the allegations.

Social media activity of both leaders, including tweets and videos, allegedly demonstrate their anti-Pakistan sentiments and efforts to instigate violence against national institutions. Additionally, PTI USA’s engagement with lobbying firms, reportedly targeting Pakistani institutions, has drawn scrutiny over the nature of PTI’s international lobbying efforts.

PTI’s association with individuals linked to foreign intelligence services has raised concerns in Islamabad, particularly regarding the misuse of party donations and the damaging impact on Pakistan’s political legitimacy. The alleged financial motivations behind these actions undermine PTI’s ideological integrity and its commitment to the welfare of Pakistan and its expatriate community.

“PTI must address these allegations transparently and take appropriate action to restore public trust,” remarked a political analyst familiar with the situation.

As allegations of mismanagement and misconduct surface, PTI faces a credibility crisis both domestically and internationally, with implications for Pakistan’s political landscape and diplomatic relations.



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