Punjab Government Transforms Healthcare Landscape With Primary Stroke Centers


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In a bid to elevate healthcare standards, the Government of Punjab’s Specialized Healthcare & Medical Education Department, through its Technical Wing, has unleashed a pioneering initiative. The official notification (No. SO(PHP)9-20/2023) reveals the establishment of Primary Stroke Centers (PSCs), a venture operating under the aegis of the Provincial Stroke Management Centre at SIMS, Lahore. This transformative step is poised to redefine stroke patient care across the region.

Designated Hospitals for Primary Stroke Centers

1. Jinnah Hospital, Lahore
– Location: Lahore
– Specialization: Neurology and Emergency Care
– Allocated Beds: Stroke Bay (Emergency Department) – 2 beds, Stroke Unit – 2 beds

2. Faisalabad Medical University Hospital, Faisalabad
– Location: Faisalabad
– Specialization: Neurology and Emergency Care
– Allocated Beds: Stroke Bay (Emergency Department) – 2 beds, Stroke Unit – 2 beds

Terms of Reference (ToRs) Mandated for PSCs
These designated Primary Stroke Centers are entrusted with specific Terms of Reference to ensure standardized, quality care for stroke patients:

1. Dedicated Stroke Infrastructure:
– Establish a Stroke Bay within the Emergency Department, comprising 2 beds.
– Allocate at least 2 beds in the Neurology or relevant Department for the Stroke Unit.

2. Intravenous IPA Thrombolysis:
– Provide immediate and continuous access to intravenous IPA Thrombolysis for prompt and effective treatment.
– Ensure strict monitoring during the Thrombolysis process.

3. Clinical Stroke Nurses and Collaborative Care:
– Deploy clinical stroke nurses to guarantee 24-hour coverage.
– Foster collaboration with Neurology Faculty, particularly during Neurology Stroke Calls.

Implications and Significance
This strategic move by the Punjab government signifies a significant leap in emergency stroke care. The designated hospitals, including Jinnah Hospital in Lahore and Faisalabad Medical University Hospital in Faisalabad, are now poised to play pivotal roles in transforming the healthcare landscape. The emphasis on rapid Thrombolysis treatment and round-the-clock coverage by clinical stroke nurses reflects a commitment to comprehensive and efficient stroke care.

As these Primary Stroke Centers come to life, it is expected that this initiative will set a new benchmark for stroke patient management, not only in Punjab but potentially serving as a model for healthcare advancements nationwide. The government’s proactive approach towards healthcare reflects its dedication to providing accessible, timely, and high-quality medical services to its citizens.


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