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Ruling Alliance Sweeps Senate Elections: PPP Secures 11 Seats, PML-N Claims Six


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In a resounding display of electoral prowess, the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) emerged at the forefront of the Senate polls, securing 11 seats, followed closely by the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) clinching six seats. 

Adding intrigue to the mix, the Muttahida Qaumi Movement Pakistan (MQM-P) and an independent candidate, Faisal Vawda, each secured one seat, showcasing a diverse political landscape.

The intricacies of the polling process unfolded across the National, Punjab, and Sindh assemblies, where 356 lawmakers participated, shaping the trajectory of Pakistan’s upper house of parliament. 

However, the Election Commission’s decision to postpone elections on 11 Khyber Pakhtunkhwa seats due to a dispute over oath-taking adds a layer of complexity to the electoral saga.

Sindh’s Political Tapestry: PPP’s Dominance 

Within Sindh, the PPP solidifies its stronghold by claiming 10 Senate seats, with the MQM-P and an independent candidate securing one seat each. Notable victories include Ashraf Ali Jatoi, Dost Ali Jessar, Kazim Ali Shah, Masroor Ahsan, and Nadeem Bhutto on general seats. Meanwhile, PPP stalwarts Rubina Saadat Qaimkhani and Quratulain Marri clinch women’s seats, underscoring the party’s diverse representation. PPP’s Sarmad Ali and Zamir Ghumro secure technocrat seats, emphasizing the party’s multifaceted approach to governance.

Punjab’s Power Play: PML-N’s Resilience

In Punjab, the PML-N demonstrates resilience as Finance Minister Muhammad Aurangzeb and Federal Minister for Energy Musadik Malik secure technocrat seats, garnering significant support with 128 and 121 votes, respectively. Anusha Rahman and Bushra Anjum Butt emerge victorious on women’s seats, while Tahir Khalil Sindhu secures a minority seat, highlighting PML-N’s commitment to inclusive representation.

Insight into Islamabad: Ruling Alliance’s Triumph

In the federal capital, the ruling alliance secures two seats, with PML-N’s Ishaq Dar clinching the technocrat seat and PPP’s Mahmood ul Hassan winning the general seat, marking a balance of power within the upper house of parliament.

Election Commission’s Decision: A Constitutional Conundrum

Amidst the electoral fervor, the Election Commission’s decision to postpone polls in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa due to the delay in oath-taking raises constitutional questions. Citing Article 218(3) of the Constitution, the Commission emphasizes the imperative of an “incomplete” electoral college, underscoring the disenfranchisement of lawful voters and the denial of a level playing field.

Opposition’s Appeal and Electoral Implications

The Opposition’s appeal for postponement underscores the urgency of upholding democratic principles, with PPP’s Ahmad Karim Kundi citing concerns over the oath-taking process. However, the KP Speaker’s review petition adds a layer of contention, signaling a potential impasse in the electoral process.

Expert Analysis: Electoral Legitimacy and Senate Dynamics

Former ECP secretary Kanwar Muhammad Dilshad offers insight into the constitutional implications, emphasizing the necessity of a complete electoral process for Senate legitimacy. Dilshad’s remarks underscore the significance of KP’s role in shaping the Senate’s composition and legislative agenda, highlighting the interconnectedness of provincial dynamics with national governance.

As Pakistan navigates the intricate web of political dynamics, the Senate polls serve as a litmus test for democratic principles and institutional integrity, shaping the country’s trajectory in the days to come. 


Hassan Naqvi
Hassan Naqvi
Hassan Naqvi is an award-winning digital, print, and broadcast investigative journalist who is the co-founder of The Scoop. He also hosts his web shows 'The Scoop' and 'The Hassan Naqvi Show'.


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