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Who Are The 185 Master Planners Of The May 9 Vandalism?


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LAHORE: Senior journalist Ansar Abbasi has expressed concerns about the report by the caretaker government concerning the May 9 attacks and acts of vandalism, which names Imran Khan and others as the principal accused and masterminds. Abbasi pointed out that the report fails to provide evidence to support the allegations against the accused. 

According to Abbasi, since the May 9 incident, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has been questioning the evidence that implicates Imran Khan as the mastermind behind the attacks on military installations. He noted that no such evidence has been shared with the media or made public.

The government report accused Imran Khan and several PTI leaders of meticulously planning the May 9 attacks. However, the report did not include details on how, when, or where the planning took place. Abbasi further stated that a source from the cabinet committee responsible for the report informed “The News” that all required evidence is held by relevant authorities, including the Ministries of Interior, Defense, and Law. The source suggested that the government could release this evidence if it wished to do so.

The report’s findings were based on evidence presented to the committee by federal and provincial authorities, without interviewing PTI leaders or others named as suspects. The report itself acknowledges that the cabinet or its committees do not have formal investigative powers under the Rules of Business 1973 and depend entirely on information provided by relevant divisions and departments.

The report details that the committee reviewed information from the Ministries of Interior and Defense, which in turn gathered data from provincial police departments and the Intelligence Bureau. This data was critically examined, and representatives from the relevant divisions were questioned to better understand the facts and circumstances.

Despite including official allegations against Imran Khan and others, the report does not answer questions about the nature of the evidence against the accused. For example, the report states that evidence presented to the committee indicated involvement of several party leaders in the planning, with Imran Khan playing a prominent role. However, the report lacks specifics to substantiate these claims.

The report also mentions that investigations identified 34 individuals who planned violent street strategies, 52 who were involved in detailed planning, and 185 who executed the plans. However, it does not provide names or details of how and where the planning was carried out, nor does it present evidence against these individuals. It does state that actions have been taken under relevant laws and that legal proceedings are ongoing in various courts.



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