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Imran Khan Decides To Make Bushra Bibi Next Prime Minister?


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LAHORE: Senior journalist Javaid Chaudhry has revealed that negotiations are underway between the PTI and the establishment at some level. Imran Khan does not want to remain in jail while Barrister Gohar or Omar Ayub become the Prime Minister. Imran Khan will negotiate on the condition that he be made Prime Minister again, but if that cannot happen, Imran Khan demands that his wife Bushra Bibi be made the Prime Minister.

Javaid Chaudhry further disclosed that serious cases against Imran Khan related to May 9 are in progress. Even the Supreme Court and high courts cannot grant relief to him. Before the cases, there will be new legislation enacted, which the courts cannot use to grant relief to Imran Khan. According to Javaid Chaudhry, Imran Khan is being granted relief in all major cases by the courts, but now serious cases against him related to May 9 are being initiated, for which new legislation will be enacted, and the courts will not be able to grant him any relief in these cases.

Speaking in the program ‘Rubaroo’ today, Javaid Chaudhry further said that unfortunately, Pakistan’s problem is that the system is weak here, while individuals are strong. That is why when one individual changes, the whole system changes. Personalities take over the system here. Whatever happens, it tries to run the system in its own way. He said that in Pakistan, Imran Khan, Nawaz Sharif, Asif Zardari broke the system, but despite former US President Donald Trump’s attack on Parliament, the system could not be broken in America. 

Look at the profiles of the last six Chief Justices, each Chief Justice has completely changed the justice system. Similarly, the SIFC in the current government, is a brainchild of General Asim Munir, and the entire state is moving with him. If someone else becomes the chief tomorrow, he will say that SIFC should be shut down because we are starting trade with Afghanistan and India.

Javaid Chaudhry said that negotiations are underway with the establishment at one level, but not at Khan’s level. These negotiations are being conducted without Khan’s consent. Negotiations are underway with the regular establishment people. Both parties are moving forward together. Negotiations are also underway with establishment figures Shibli Faraz and Omar Ayub.

Javaid Chaudhry said that Imran Khan will definitely demand an NRO. Why would he want to remain in Adiala Jail while Barrister Gohar or Omar Ayub become the Prime Minister? Imran Khan will negotiate on two conditions; the first condition will be that he should be made Prime Minister again.

And if he is not made Prime Minister, then his wife Bushra Bibi should be made the Prime Minister. Imran Khan’s desire is also that Bushra Bibi should be made the Prime Minister. Javaid Chaudhry further said that if even after a year, no one is punished in connection with the events of May 9, then no one has been released so far, except Khadija Shah, who held an American passport, and America had raised a lot of noise about her custody.

He said that there are two ways, one is to punish the accused immediately and bring them to justice. The other is to hang the cases. This means that those who are in jail are hanging, and those who are outside are also being hanged.

Javaid Chaudhry revealed that serious cases against Imran Khan related to May 9 are in progress. Imran Khan will be granted relief by the High Court in a £190 million case. He has already been granted relief in the Safdar case. But the cases related to May 9 that are coming, neither the High Courts nor the Supreme Court will be able to grant him relief. Before these cases, new legislation will be enacted, which the courts cannot use to grant Imran Khan any relief.

He said that Imran Khan will ask for an investigation into the May 9 incidents on the PTI’s request. A judicial commission will be formed, but they will run away from it themselves. Whoever is appointed as the head of the judicial commission by the Chief Justice, they will not accept it. Then they will not accept the investigations and reports either.

Javaid Chaudhry further said that if May 9 happens, then the former senior leaders of the Movement for Justice went back. In their place, Imran Khan brought a new team consisting of lawyers, and now these lawyers have taken over the party.

When old people returned from hiding and jails, they demanded from Imran Khan that lawyers be removed, but Imran Khan said that you are discredited, you have been hiding for a year. Mr. Khan’s thought is that those who have come out of jails comfortably are not his.

In response to a question, Javaid Chaudhry said that it is expected that the PTI and the government will sit at the same table for negotiations next year. Until then, the government will have somewhat improved the country’s economy, and Imran Khan will also understand that he is now stuck, so he will come down too.



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