Murtaza Blasts PA Speaker Malik Ahmad Khan Over Defamation Bill Approval


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LAHORE: Syed Hassan Murtaza, General Secretary of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Central Punjab, has voiced strong criticism against the recently passed Defamation Bill 2024, stating that the bill’s hasty approval will have negative consequences. Murtaza emphasised that it would have been more prudent to consult all stakeholders before passing the bill.

The PPP views the Defamation Bill as an infringement on journalism and freedom of expression. Murtaza accused the Acting Governor of Punjab, Malik Muhammad Ahmad Khan, of exploiting the situation, suggesting that the N-League strategically waited for Governor Punjab Sardar Saleem Haider to leave the country before pushing the bill through.

“PPP has consistently expressed reservations about this bill since day one,” Murtaza said. “Despite the worst media trial of our leadership, the People’s Party has never targeted journalism.”

Hassan Murtaza highlighted that the controversial Defamation Bill 2024 has attracted significant criticism, especially from journalists and digital rights activists. The bill received its final approval from Malik Muhammad Ahmad Khan, who is acting as governor in the absence of Sardar Saleem Haider.

Murtaza concluded by reiterating the PPP’s commitment to defending freedom of expression and standing against measures that restrict journalistic freedoms.



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