Pakistan And Italy Agree On Measures To Curb Human Smuggling


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ISLAMABAD: Federal Interior Minister Mohsin Naqvi met with the Italian Ambassador to Pakistan, Marilina Armellin, to discuss collaborative measures to combat human smuggling. 

The meeting underscored a mutual commitment to strengthening ties and enhancing cooperation between the two nations.

During the meeting, Naqvi and Armellin reached an agreement to finalise a bilateral pact aimed at preventing Pakistanis from illegally migrating to Italy. 

This agreement is set to be formalized soon, marking a significant step in the collaborative efforts against human trafficking.

Minister Naqvi expressed his resolve, stating, “There will be zero tolerance against the mafia involved in human smuggling. Not only is illegal migration risky, but it also results in imprisonment and financial loss for those involved.” 

He further emphasised that a comprehensive crackdown on human smuggling is ongoing across Pakistan.

The proposed pact involves joint policies to halt the entry of Pakistanis who attempt to travel to Italy through unlawful means. 

Additionally, the discussions touched upon the possibility of establishing a ‘sister city’ status between Milan and Islamabad, fostering closer cultural and municipal cooperation.

Ambassador Armellin praised the steps taken by the Pakistani government to curb human smuggling and assured of Italy’s full support in these efforts. 

The ambassador also acknowledged the need for continued rigorous actions and reinforced the importance of legal migration channels, highlighting plans to legally send skilled Pakistani workers to Italy.

At the meeting, Naqvi directed relevant authorities to expedite the finalisation of the agreement and instructed the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) to intensify operations against human smuggling networks. 

Federal Secretary of Interior Khurram Agha, along with senior officials from the Italian Embassy, were also present, indicating the high level of engagement and the serious commitment of both nations to resolve this pressing issue.

Minister Naqvi concluded the meeting by congratulating Ambassador Armellin on her role and expressed his best wishes for her tenure in Pakistan. 

The discussions are expected to lead to more robust bilateral relations and significant advancements in tackling the challenges of human smuggling effectively.



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