SATIRE: PTI’s Game Of Thrones – Sher Afzal Marwat, The Unwanted Maverick


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In a dramatic turn that could only be described as a subplot from a political soap opera, PTI’s own rebel with a cause (and quite the knack for international controversy), Sher Afzal Marwat, has been ousted from the party’s core and political committees. The removal, directed by none other than the party founder Imran Khan, came hot on the heels of Marwat’s recent outburst about Saudi Arabia influencing Pakistani politics more effectively than some of its local politicians.

A Maverick Lament 

Just yesterday, Marwat, in a fiery tirade that could put any drama queen to shame, lambasted senior PTI figures for supposedly robbing him of the prestigious chairmanship of the National Assembly’s Public Accounts Committee (PAC). His conspiracy theory involved the Saudi ambassador, Senate opposition leader Shibli Faraz, and a probably bewildered Imran Khan, who, according to Marwat, fell victim to Faraz’s dramatic whisperings about diplomatic discontent.

“Imagine my surprise,” Marwat stated, “when Faraz tells Imran that the Saudi ambassador is more concerned about who chairs the PAC than the price of oil. It’s like Game of Thrones, but with more oil and less dragons.”

Party Over Policy

During a press conference held, quite fittingly, outside Adiala Jail (where politics often meets its maker), Omar Ayub conveyed Imran Khan’s profound disappointment and swift administrative chop. “Sher Afzal Marwat was like the son he never wanted,” Ayub might as well have said, “splendid in his work, yet spectacular in his political hara-kiri.”

“Imran Khan respects Marwat for his service and unique ability to stir international relations from his living room,” Ayub said. “However, even Imran can only handle so much excitement.”

Marwat’s Stand

Not one to go quietly into that good night, Marwat fired back on social media platform X, claiming his martyrdom in the saga was preordained. “They had the press release ready before I even got my dramatic exit line out,” Marwat exclaimed, in a post dripping with the venom of a scorned soap opera star.

“I won’t trust anything unless it’s handed to me by Imran himself, or at least his barrister,” Marwat defiantly declared, likely while dramatically staring off into the distance, wind blowing through his hair, as a violin played somberly in the background.

The Unrest in PTI

As PTI grapples with its own internal Game of Thrones, complete with intrigue, betrayal, and outspoken mavericks, the political landscape of Pakistan watches on. Will Marwat return, brandishing a new alliance or a dramatic plot twist? Only time, and perhaps a few more press conferences outside jails, will tell.

Meanwhile, the populace waits with bated breath, popcorn in hand, for the next episode of PTI’s very public, very dramatic saga. Will Khan Sahib listen to the maverick? Will the maverick stand down? Stay tuned.

Note: This piece is a satirical work and does not purport to represent the truth.



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