Rauf Klasra Accuses Saleem Baryar, Qaiser Baryar And Yousaf Baig Mirza Of Contract Breach


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In a recent development, the owners of Talon Group (Saleem Baryar and Qaiser Baryar), based in Sialkot, have been accused of violating a contract signed with veteran journalist Rauf Klasra in July 2023. The contractual agreement, spanning two years, stipulated that neither party could terminate the channel nor could the owners dismiss Klasra before the specified period. Moreover, if Klasra were to depart from the channel before the completion of two years, he was entitled to return all received salaries up to that point.

However, in December 2023, just five months after the contract was signed, Saleem Baryar, Qaiser Baryar, and Yousaf Baig Mirza, representing the channel owners, unilaterally terminated the contract, assuring Klasra of payment for the remaining months. Initially promised until January, the commitment was later extended until the end of February 2024. Despite assurances, the contract has been breached, with payments for the specified period not being made.

Having fulfilled his obligations until February 2024, Klasra is now pursuing legal action against the Talon Group and its owners for the outstanding payments for the remaining fifteen months. Despite repeated assurances of an amicable settlement, the agreed-upon terms have not been honoured, leading to the termination of the contract.

It is noteworthy that Klasra had previously filed a case against the Baryar brothers with Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) last year. Although Qaiser Baryar had provided written assurances to PEMRA regarding the adherence to the two-year contract, the Baryar brothers have once again violated the terms of the agreement. Legal notices were also sent to all three owners of Talon channel regarding the breach of contract.

In light of the repeated breaches, Klasra has instructed his legal counsel to file a case against them in court, and efforts are underway to engage with PEMRA to ensure the fulfillment of his contractual obligations by the channel owners.

Efforts are also being made to engage with the President and members of the Sialkot Chamber of Commerce, urging them to intervene and uphold the integrity of their business group. 

Klasra emphasizes the importance of protecting Sialkot’s reputation and upholding the rule of law. 

Additionally, considering the precedent set during former Chief Justice Saqib Nisar’s tenure, where such contractual violations were addressed by the Supreme Court, Klasra is contemplating approaching the apex court for redressal.



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